PiA: 115 years in Asia

Princeton in Asia (PiA) provides young leaders with service-oriented fellowships in Asia. The program facilitates cross-cultural understanding in a region of accelerating global importance. Founded in 1898, it is the oldest and largest not-for-profit organization of its kind. This is the story of PiA's first 115 years. (Direction, videography and editing by Katherine Visconti, graphics by Emil Mercado and scoring by Diwa de Leon)

Ghost voters haunt Philippine polls

In the run up to the 2013 midterm elections in the Philippines, glaring anomalies appear in the official registry of voters. Rappler tracks down 'ghost voters', dead people who still show up as active voters. (Reporting by Katherine Visconti and Aries Rufo, videography and editing by Katherine Visconti)

Votes for sale

Just how much do residents of vote-rich Quezon City value their votes? With more than 1 million eligible voters, the city is an attractive prize for politicians. A few thousand votes can spell the difference between victory and defeat, just like it did in the 2010 vice presidential race. So we asked residents just how much they would sell their votes for. (Reporting and editing by Katherine Visconti, videography by Tre Batenga)

PH-US war games renew friendship at crucial time

Philippine and American forces practice gunning down enemy targets and reclaiming hostile territory as part of the yearly military exercises called Balikatan. The games happen to coincide with rising tensions in the Scarsborough shoal where Chinese and Philippine ships refuse to withdraw. While it may be just symbolic, Balikatan - which means standing shoulder to shoulder - suggests a willingness to join forces in a tense global climate. (Reporting, videography and editing by Katherine Visconti)

Actress strips to raise awareness

A woman walks into a bedroom. The curtains are white, the armchairs red and plush. She takes off her sunglasses, slips off her trench coat and slides her stockings down. She reveals bruise after bruise. Actress Angel Aquino takes on the role of a battered wife in the trailer for “Kinse”, the ANC human rights film series. (Reporting and editing by Katherine Visconti, videography by Pong Ignacio)

Hike for light

Between November of 2011 and February of 2012, a total of 200 volunteer hikers trekked along 6 of the highest peaks in the Philippines carrying a simple solar solution. They delivered 500 lanterns powered by the sun. (Reporting, videography and editing by Katherine Visconti)